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SYT BROTHER Machinery Tapping Machine
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SYT BROTHER Machinery mainly produce automatic gear tapping machine and multi-axis gear mode tapping machine, which is suitable for various metal parts machining, especially used for tapping of metal, die-casting, stamping and other products. Welcome to call or email ( to us for consultation!


Automatic gear tapping machine suitable for processing those products as following:

 1. Mass production with high precision as well as tapping.

 2. Semi-automated and automatic drilling and tapping cutting machine can be schemed, designed and manufactured according to customer’s product machining requirements 

 3. Such as, zinc, magnesium, aluminum and copper alloy products, computer sheet metal housings, computer case, punch secondary processing products, lights, small metal parts, electrical pneumatic tools, sanitary equipment, locomotive precision parts industry, electronic industry and so on.

 4. Can be used with adjustable multi - axis device and fixed multi - axis device, what’s more, several holes can be processed at the same time, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and save the cost.


Automatic gear tapping machine characteristics

 1. Spindle can rotate smoothly under high speed.

 2. All the gear transmission is single-sided tooth contacts without gaps

 3. Built-in with independent cooling fan inside the motor, which can carry out the heat dissipation forcibly, avoid the horsepower reduced due to the high temperature, and can be operated continuously and durable.

 4. Special use of solid pillar, which has been eliminated the stress by tempering. It is abrasion and will not be rusted as the surface has been plated with hard chrome.

 5. Gears are easy and convenient to be disassembled and replaced.

 6. Automatic feed and unload can be achieved by coordinating with vibration plate, which can double the working efficiency. 

 7. The motor will not become hot due to the built-in independent cooling fan. Positive and negative motor was specially designed for adoption.

 8. Simple operation (by pedal), even the beginners can operate it successfully. Operator’s hands can leave the machine freely to coordinate with loading or unloading.

 9. Gear replacement is available, no limit of fine teeth. The tap will come back automatically if it not complies with the hole.

 10. Continuously circulation operates with high speed by 42 times per one minute.

 11. Double safety torque protection device is specially set, so that the broken of taps can be avoided.

 12. Gear mode was adopted. One turn refers to one thread pitch, and the thread will be conformed with inspection perfectly.

 13. Coordinated with the thread pitch, a long lifetime will be available for taps.

 14. The pillar is solid, plated with hard chrome, which is abrasion and will not be rusted.

 15. In order to increase the torque and reduce the rotational speed, one more set of speed decreasing gears was especially set inside the spindle, so that the perfect thread and longer lifetime can be achieved thoroughly.

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