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What services do we offer?
SYT BROTHER determined to bring customers stable, efficient and perfect precision tapping and drilling experience, combined with our experience in the automation of production and technology, with customer product features and future development needs, provide one stop solutions or partly automatic production solutions. SYT BROTHER Machine is widely used in machinery manufacturing and multi-holes parts process industry, welcome down our full catalogues.
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How to get our servise and make order?

Please contact us by email/online chat/tel etc,tell your detail request and provide workpeices CAD drawing to us.

- 1st Our Engineer will give you a propose for you can checking whether they meet your request.

- 2nd you can check the whole cost did them meet your budget, and welcome to talk with us.

- 3rd , 3D drawing Design, we need some of your workpieces, and make 3D drawing for you checking firstly.The design fee arround 300USD-500USD depends on design request. The design fee will reduce in mass order.

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